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Monday - Google Earth - Say Hello to Dubai

Explore the Dubai Google Earth KML Files:

Tuesday - Google Earth - Explore the parts of Google Earth

Wednesday - Google Earth - Goodland

Goodland Scavenger Hunt -
  • Find the high school. Add a placemarker there.
  • Find your house. Add a placemarker there. (Use different placemarkers for different locations.)
  • Find 5 other landmarks in Goodland and add placemarkers on each of them.
  • Turn on Street View and find your house. Travel from your house to the school, looking at the pictures in street view.
  • Create a path from your house to the school, using the path tool.
  • Turn on Road View. Find I-70 and Highway 27 and Highway 24. Follow a road to the high school.
  • Add a picture - one you have taken or one you find on-line of Goodland.
  • Add a video - find one on-line about Goodland.
  • Go out in the ocean and figure out how to go underwater.
  • Turn on "Explore the Ocean".
  • Turn on the layer called "National Geographic and find a placemarker that tells you something of National Geographic importance.
  • Turn on the layer called "Cousteau Ocean World" and find some information.
  • Share your information with the people at your table.

Thursday - Google Earth - Back to Dubai

Dubai Scavenger Hunt -
  • What shape are the islands?
  • Zoom in on the buildings - Find the mall with the ski slope inside
  • Watch the Dubai Video . Locate the moving building.
  • Watch The World. Learn about Dubai World Island Paradise.

Dubai on 60 Minutes - Part 1

Dubai 60 Minutes - Part 2

Find a picture and add it to your layer of Dubai.
Find and embed a Dubai video on Dubai.

Friday - Sketch-Up
Introduction to Sketch-Up

Download and create: http://sketchup.google.com/

Explore SketchUp.

Tutorials available here. and on YouTube.

Create a building that would fit in Dubai.

Share your building at the end of the hour.