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Monday -


  • Setting up your g-mail account
  • Create iGoogle page
  • add g-mail address to google doc.

Tape Cords

Digital Imprint or Tattoo?

Watch movie and post reaction on blog.
external image quicktime.png
external image quicktime.png

Tuesday & Wednesday -

  • Organization of your MacBook
  • Stickies (on-board notetaker)
  • Spaces
  • Expose
  • Printing
  1. Setting up a printer
  2. Know where you are printing
  3. Duplex 2sided/2sided
  4. Print to PDF

DVD Activation

Post to Blog - What are your expectations of this class. What do you want to learn? What do you want to do? What are some projects you would be interested in completing?

iCal - add school events from http://highschoolsports.net/

Bring Music CD and Digital Camera to class on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday and Friday -

Black and Gold Days iCal Information:

  • Copyright and Sharing
  • Adding music from cd
  • Subscribing to a podcast
  • Playlists

  • Importing photos
  • Organization
  • Backing up
  • Discuss tips for taking good photos

iPhoto Project -