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Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday -

ANNOUNCEMENT: We have been given a reprieve and video judging will not begin until Dec. 5.

1. Upload Flat Classroom Video
  • In iMovie, share using Quicktime and make sure you know where it is saving. (Movies folder is a good place.)

  • upload video to ning following these directions:
  1. Go to your ning page
  2. Click on add video
  3. Upload the video.


  • Create the link to your ning video. After you have done the embed on the sub wiki page following the direction below, create the link to your wiki page.

  • embed on sub wiki page
  1. From the page on your ning where your video is, click on embed code.
  2. Copy the embed code.
  3. Go to the sub wiki page for your topic. To get there, go to Teams page and scroll down to your team. Click on the link to your groups sub wiki. See example below for group 2. If you were in 2B you would click on WWW Wiki B.

4. You should be on the page that says, "Video Artifacts."

5. Click on edit the page.
6. Copy the following and add your information. Your video Number is your wiki number, video number - A, B, or C and the number of contributor you are. Check your contributor number on the Master List Page.

7. For the Alternate link to video - make a link to your video on the ning.
8. Put your cursor directly under the "Alternate link to video" and click on the tv in the editor. Click on video. Scroll to the bottom and click on other. Paste the embed code into the box. Click Save. Save the wiki page.
9. Show me your pages and then you are finished!

2. Garageband
  • Create a one minute song using the GB loops
  • Share with the class at 9:00 a.m.

3. Read and reflect on the blog on this article about music file sharing in college.

4. Explore the student summits and plan your presentation.