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Monday - No School - President's Day

Tuesday - Create a video for the opener for the Flat Classroom mini-conference as part of ASB Unplugged the week of February 22nd.

Film 640x480 (or whatever your webcam does)--

Pick one of the following:

Clip 1 -
Have the words "Flat" Somewhere in your shot.
Have you with a student or many students looking at the screen and yelling "Flat"

Clip 2 -
Do the same with "Class" - have it somwhere in your shot and yell it out

Clip 3
do the same with "Room" - have the words somewhere in your shot and yell it out.

You may also choose to have this written or said in your language. - we are going to merge these together.

These should be very short 2-3 seconds at the most so you might be able to email it. .wmv is preferred but we can convert it using zamzar.

If you're game, just let me know and also include how you want to give us credit.

Wednesday - Flat Classroom
Keynote Video: Pandora's Box: Fresh Start in a New World

Respond to this video via the discussion tab on the Flat Classroom wiki.

Answer the following questions via the Flat Classroom Project Ning as a blog post on your page:
  1. Is global collaboration using emerging technologies a Pandora's box? Why?
  2. How can we best prepare the '17 year old Internet/connected world' to mature and grow into 'adulthood'?
  3. How has the flat world impacted you as a teenager? as a teacher?
  4. What place do immersive worlds and virtual realities have in education?

Thursday & Friday - Flat Classroom Project -

Comment on Keynote here: http://flatclassroomproject.ning.com/video/keynote-fcp101
Do these things each day:
  • Check in with your group on the Ning.
  • Read the discussion tab on your wiki page and reply to any discussions.
  • Continue researching and editing the wiki. Add at least 100 words of information and create your citation(s). Be sure to make a comment at the bottom of the wiki each time you edit.
  • Correct any errors on the wiki and deal with any problems.