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Monday - Do these things:

  • Check out the videos from the last Flat Classroom Project and start thinking about your topic and your video.
  • Check in with your group on the Ning.
  • Read the discussion tab on your wiki page and reply to any discussions.
  • Continue researching and editing the wiki. Add at least 100 words of information and create your citation(s). Be sure to make a comment at the bottom of the wiki each time you edit.
  • Correct any errors on the wiki and deal with any problems.

Tuesday - Flat Classroom Video Introduction
1. You will create a video artifact based on your Flat Classroom wiki topic. Pull up your individual wiki and explore where the Video Artifacts will be posted. Make sure you understand your TOPIC and EMPHASIS.
2. Review the different approached to a topic—discuss each EMPHASIS give examples based on a common story such as the Olympics. How could you “tell the story”, talk about “innovation”, use a “first person narrative”, talk about “social entrepreneurship”, etc.
3. Watch a few short videos from the award winners from Flat Classroom 09-3. Look at how they exhibit different forms of multimedia, such as slide share/power point along with some that showed live action.
4. BEFORE you begin to actually go out and shoot or put together the video you must have these 3 things completed:
  • Your Idea
  • Your Script
  • Your Storyboard

5. You will have to have an outsourced clip. Think about this in your planning stages. Keep the outsourced clip simple. Such as, 10 seconds of someone using a cell phone or 3 seconds of a group yelling, "Flat".
6. In google docs, create a new document with your initials and FCP video as the title. Write down TWO different ideas for potential videos for your topic. (One is your back-up plan.) Using one of those ideas, form a rough draft of a script for a 2-5 minute video. Sometimes your first idea proves too difficult to actually turn into a multimedia presentation so you can then move to a back up plan! Share your document with me at tszanto352@gmail.com.

Wednesday - Flat Classroom Video Script and story board planning

Create your script today on your google doc. (If you haven't created your google doc, follow the directions above - #6. Be sure it is shared with me. Choose one of your topics and write your script. Include actors names and what they will say. Include narration.

If you want to shoot your outsourced piece today, you can do that too. If you haven't signed up for an outsourced piece, go look to see if anything new has been added, and sign up for one.

Thursday - Flat Classroom - Finish Script and Storyboard and get them approved. Decide on outsourced piece.

Friday - Flat Classroom - Add outsourced request to outsource page and sign up for other's requests.