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Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - Flat Classroom Project -

Do these things each day:
  • Check in with your group on the Ning.
  • Read the discussion tab on your wiki page and reply to any discussions.
  • Continue researching and editing the wiki. Add at least 100 words of information and create your citation(s). Be sure to make a comment at the bottom of the wiki each time you edit.

Wednesday -
The Periodic Table of the Internet


Choose one Element from each of the sections listed above and explore that element. Be prepared to share what you learned. Do not choose an element with which you are already familiar. Every 10 minutes we will pair and share. Be ready to move!

Check in on the Ning and the Wiki Discussion for Flat Classroom.

Friday - Work on KSTL Project - Let's set a timeline so we can accomplish this before the deadline to sign up.