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Monday - No School - Teacher Professional Day

Tuesday - Flat Classroom Project -
  • Create Introduction for our class, school and town on the Introduction page of the FCP wiki. We'll do this as a class.
  • The final TEAM GRID of students has been finalized. Make sure you know which grid you are in.
  • Connect with your team members via the Ning first and leave them a message etc.

Wednesday - Flat Classroom Project -

Thursday - Flat Classroom Project -
Look at the format of your group wiki page. Answer the questions on a google doc and share it with me.
  • What is your job for this project?
  • What are you supposed to add to the wiki?
  • Where do you get the information?
  • How do you edit the wiki?
  • How do you cite your sources?
  • Where do you leave a message for what you did on the wiki? How often should you do this?
  • Where do you communicate with your group?

Friday - Flat Classroom Project -