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Tuesday and Wednesday - Share My Life in 6 Words & Community Walk

Gold My Life Presentation
Black My Life Presentation

Community Walk - A site where you can create your own map, build interactive maps, create a map with photos, videos, and more

Goodland 21C Community Walk

We will be using Community Walk, shared google spreadsheet, a digital camera, iphoto, switchboard, and your cell phone to add landmarks to a map of Goodland. Then we will share this map with people all over the world.

1. Go to Community Walk and check out the map of Goodland. Look at the marker that was added and the information on the marker.
2. Check e-mail to get link to shared google spreadsheet and open spreadsheet.
3. Brainstorm places in Goodland that should be added to the map. Add these places to the spreadsheet. For example, Goodland High School.
4. Brainstorm ideas for the "Fun Fact" about each place. Add that idea to the spreadsheet as a question. For example, When was the school built? Or - How many students attend GHS? Or What activities can a student be involved in at GHS?
5. Add descriptions, addresses, etc to the spreadsheet for each location. Use switchboard to find the address and phone number. Add the address to the spreadsheet.
6. Use the "Discuss" tab to chat with others and share ideas.
7. Gather information in the spreadsheet by using the internet or by calling the landmark on the phone and getting the information. If you call, be sure to identify yourself as a student of GHS who is doing a class project. Try adding a virtual tour using this site: Northwest Kansas 360

8. Add markers to theCommunity Walk map and add the information from the spreadsheet.
9. Take a picture of the landmark(s) you added and add picture to your iPhoto.
10. Create a "path" from landmark to landmark.

Thursday & Friday - Peripherals and Your Macbook (Stations)
  • Bring in your ipod, mp3 player, etc and learn some cool ways to use them.
Station 1: iPods
Station 2: Scanner
  • How to use the scanner
  • Types of scanner
  • Scanner software necessary
Station 3: Phones
  • Creating your own ring tones in garageband

  • Using your songs as ringtones
  • Transferring to phone via bluetooth or cable
Station 4: Cameras
  • Importing pictures to iPhoto
  • To delete photos or not to delete photos from SD card
Station 5: Other mp3 players
How to connect and use with your macbook