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Monday & Tuesday - Copyright Podcasts

Choose one of the following scenarios and decide how to appropriately handle the situation without violating copyright laws. Record your group and your topic on the board. Your group must map out a plan to resolve the scenario in a legally appropriate manner. Create a podcast explaining the topic. You can create an audio podcast or an enhanced podcast with photos.

Scenario # 1:
You are asked to help launch a new project for the yearbook this year. Your school has decided to create a video yearbook that will be available for sale to the entire student body. You want to include entire songs of popular music in the background of the various video clips. How will you go about creating this video?

Scenario # 2:
You have decided to enter a literary scholarship contest. The first prize is a $1,000.00 scholarship for college. All of the contestants must submit a 1,000-word essay on something they are passionate about. The winning essay will be published in the local newspaper. You decide you want to write about music. In order to help the reader relate to your feelings about your favorite song, you would like to include the words to an entire song in your essay. How can you write your essay without breaking copyright law?

Scenario # 3:
You are involved in writing for the school newspaper. You have been asked to find a new and exciting school mascot to raise school spirit. The new mascot design must be ready to include in the first paper of the school year. Eventually, the new mascot will also be printed on shirts and sold to raise money for various events in the school. In an online search, you come across the perfect picture on a Website from a local amusement park. Where will you get the design for the new school mascot?

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