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Monday and Tuesday - Youtube Project

Find 3 things on youtube.
1. something that made you laugh
2. something that inspired you
3. something that taught you something that you always wanted to learn

Share your videos and explain how youtube is more than just homemade videos.

Wednesday and Thursday - The Dr. Phil Show - Cyberbullying

Friday and Monday - Cyberbullying - Glogster

Glogster Introduction: Glogster is site where you can create a "poster" that includes video, music, pictures, slide shows, and information.

Glogster examples:

Sonny & Cher - Check out the movies, photo slide shows, etc
Robots - pretty cool technology with several embedded videos

Create an account at Glogster.
Create a page at Glogster about cyberbullying. You will have to do some research.
  • Your audience will be either parents or students.
  • Your purpose might be one or more of the following:
    • to make others aware of cyberbullying
    • to explain cyberbullying
    • to fight cyberbullying
    • to advocate for legislature to punish those who take part in cyberbullying
  • Include information, pictures, websites (links), a slide show, video, etc.
  • Upload your Glog link to the Glogster page on the wiki.

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