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Monday - Flat Classroom Video

Get your outsourced video that someone else shot for you if you haven't yet. Follow the directions here. Scroll down to "Retrieving your video." You will have to download the download helper for Firefox and those directions are here.

Complete your video before the beginning of class on Tuesday, including the outsourced piece that you requested.

Tuesday - Flat Classroom Video

Share your video with the class. Export your video to Quicktime and upload to the Ning. Then follow the directions to number it and link it on the wiki.

Check in each day on the wiki and the ning also.

Wednesday - Flat Classroom Video

Upload your completed video to the Ning. It must be done and on the Ning and the wiki today! Follow the video specifications we discussed yesterday in class and that can be found here. Adam or Ben can help with this, because they have already done it! Put your video on the Master List of Final Videos page, including all information. (Look at how Adam and Ben did theirs and ask them for help if needed.)

When your video is on the Ning and on the Master List Page, go to your group wiki and add your video and the correct information there, under the Video Artifact section.

By the end of today, your video will be in 3 places: the ning, the master list of final videos page, and your group wiki under video artifacts.

Thursday - Flat Classroom

Check the wiki and make any adjustments/edits to it, so it looks good and is complete. Share your wiki with the class.

Friday - No School - PT Conferences