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Monday - Flat Classroom Video

Meet in Student Lounge and watch your Flat Classroom Videos. Have your video loaded so we don't have to wait for it to buffer.

Tuesday - Flat Classroom Wiki Editing

Make the final adjustments to your group wiki pages. Leave a discussion about what you have done and that you will be on spring break next week.

Wednesday - Flat Classroom Wiki Sharing and Student Summit Slide Creation

1. First 10 minutes of class: Get together with the other people in your group and prepare to share your wiki with the class. Be prepared to explain what is on the page and what you have done, etc.

2. Share what is on your wiki as outlined above.

3. Learn process to create your slide for the student summit. Choose a date for our summit. Begin creating slide if time.

Overview of Student Summit:
1. Students prepare a collage showing snapshots of their project and what it has meant to them eg screen dumps of their group, people involved, screen grab of their topic, video etc The collage is prepared on a MS Powerpoint slide and saved as a jpg.
2. Students prepare a script so they can talk through the slide describing what each of the images meant to them (eg brief description of their topic, the group they were in, the challenges, highlights, learning outcomes, advice for future participants etc.)
3. One student is allocated the task of briefly introducing the school and location. (A prepared script helps with the nerves!)
4. Teacher uploads student jpg images or slides to the elluminate white board.
5. The teacher takes on the role of moderator.
6. Each student takes a turn to show ‘n tell, speak to their slide and then answer any questions from the global audience that might be present.
7. The session is recorded and available for archiving and future retrieval.

Review examples of other student summits: FCP09-2, FCP09-1, FCP08

Student Summit Help Page with directions.

Thursday - Complete Student Summit Slide Creation

Complete your slide and your script for your part of the student summit and share with the class. See directions and links for Wednesday.

Friday - Computer Comparison, etc presentations and Share your discoveries from the "artsy" sites from March 1-5.