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Monday - Wednesday - Oprah's PSA - No Phone Zone

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Monday - Plan and begin researching and gathering sources. Shoot all video and have in class on Tuesday.

Tuesday - Using the video you recorded on Monday, create your No Phone Zone PSA for The Oprah Winfrey Show in iMovie. Export it to Quicktime and upload it here.

Wednesday - Create the PSA using Oprah's site.

Project 2:
  • Grab your camera, cell phone or webcam.
  • Tell your story and upload your footage.
  • Edit your footage with media provided by The Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • Make a PSA on Oprah's site.
  • Share with the group.

Thursday - Introduction to iWeb - iWeb Tutorial from Apple

Create an "About Me" page using an "About Me" template. Share in class tomorrow, first thing.

Friday - iWeb creation

Share your "About Me" page.

Create a page about the school you are going to attend. Include pictures, video, information, etc. Be ready to share on Monday. Use any template that is not a blog template.