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Monday & Tuesday -

Shop for a MacBook.

Create Sr. Video

Google SketchUp - Download and create: http://sketchup.google.com/

Explore SketchUp.

Wednesday and Thursday - SketchUp

Tutorials available here. and on YouTube.

Create a building that would fit in Qatar.

Share your building at the end of the hour.

Friday - Monday - Burn baby burn!

Burn CD's with your information. Save to flash drives, etc.

Tuesday & Wednesday - Fond Farewells to your MacBook

Clean off and turn in your computer.

Animoto Information:

Please read & follow the instructions in this e-mail to use your Classroom Code.

Your Classroom Code is the following link:


To use your link you must REGISTER at our site with it. If you or your students are already registered, this link won't work.

I repeat: if you and your students are already registered at our site, this link won't work

Follow these instructions:

1. Go to the link that contains your Classroom Code

  • See the attached screenshot regarding what that looks like

2. Fill out the registration form
3. Upon successfully registering, you will get All-Access

  • You'll be able to see that you have All-Access when registered successfully. It'll say so in the upper-right part of your screen
  • Look at the attached screenshot regarding what that looks like

About your Classroom Code/Link:

  • It must be redeemed before May 30th
  • It gives you and your students 6 months of All-Access