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Nov 10 - Monday - Flat Classroom Project
  • Complete video and post to wiki if not completed.
  • Continue shooting your video and work on editing it. Add outsourced piece.
  • Edit your topic wiki. Add contextual links. Add content!!! Discuss what you are doing with your group using the discussion tab.
  • Post your video to the project page following the video specifications.
  • Communicate on the Ning.
  • Share your educational video with the class.

Music you can use that is not copyrighted - Creative Commons LIcensed Music

Nov 11-12 - Tuesday and Wednesday - Flat Classroom Project

Watch keynote and comment.
Finish videos for REAL!!!!

Nov 13-14 - Thursday and Friday - Flat Classroom Project

Watch Terry Friedman's keynote and comment on the discussion tab. Complete the survey. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for survey link.
Finish videos for REAL - really!