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Monday/Tuesday - Glogster Continued - Finish your "College Glog"

Glogster Introduction: Glogster is site where you can create a "poster" that includes video, music, pictures, slide shows, and information.

Glogster examples:

Robots - pretty cool technology with several embedded videos
Chase's Glog - Nice use of pictures, music, video, and links
Boston Tea Party - Cool educational Glog

Create an account at Glogster.
Create a page at Glogster about where you are planning to attend college. Do a little research on your school and "sell" it to us.
  • Include information, pictures, websites (links), a slide show, video, your planned major, etc.
  • Upload your Glog link to the 2010Glogster page on the wiki.

COMICS! - Create a school appropriate comic at each of the following sites. Create one each day Tuesday through Thursday and upload them by the end of class on Friday.

Wedneday - Make Beliefs Comix

Thursday - Pixton

Monday - ClickWheel using ComicBrush