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Monday - Finish Poetry Podcasts
FInish poetry podcast. Follow the directions provided here. external image msword.png Podcast Assignment.doc

Tuesday - Friday - Vodcasts

Topic: Peace

Examine the reasons behind conflict, both personal and global to develop critical thinking skills and allow you to develop a more personal context on which to build an understanding of the world and your own place within it. Using GarageBand create a peace video project that reflects your understanding of the issues of peace and conflict.

Project Overview

In this project, you will create a Vodcast using GarageBand that demonstrates your interpretation of peace and how it can be achieved either through personal or social action.The Vodcast project can include original artwork, digital photographs, narration and a soundtrack created in GarageBand.

Project Steps

  1. Create a list or inventory of messages, reflections, events, or "big ideas" centering on the theme of peace. Look at the current events sections of newspapers or news magazines and use Internet sources to establish a knowledge base of current events (such as education, gang warfare, social issues, war). What does peace mean to you as an individual and as part of society as a whole?
  2. Choose a message of peace that you want to investigate further. You will produce visual and audio examples of how peace can be achieved or what peace looks like.
  3. Decide what to include in your vodcast - artwork, photos, either from the Internet or other sources or ones that you create yourselves. Create or gather the images you will use and scan artwork or photos as needed. Import your images into iPhoto. Make sure you are using images that are licensed under fair use. Do not use copyright music, pictures, or lyrics.
  4. Write lyrics or a poem, or a narration that expresses your message.
  5. Use GarageBand to record your poetry, lyrics or narration, adding music tracks as accompaniment.
  6. Export your Vodcast to iTunes and share with the class on the class wiki.

Tools and Resources


Songs for inspiration

One by U2
We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel
Give Peace a Chance by John Lennon,
Where Is the Love? by Black Eyed Peas

Lesson Resource: http://edcommunity.apple.com/ali/story.php?itemID=306

Friday - Elf Yourself - If you are done with your Vodcast and all your other work!