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COMICS! - Create a school appropriate comic at each of the following sites. Create one each day Tuesday through Thursday and upload them by the end of class on Friday.

Monday - Finish your PixtonComic - Complete your Pixton comic and share.

If you finish with your Comic - Create a school appropriate Super Hero. Choose from Classic, Real Life, or Rock Star. Name your Character and take a screen shot. (Shift-Command-4) Upload it to the SuperHero page on the wiki.

Tuesday - ClickWheel using ComicBrush

Let's get creative!

Tuesday - Image Chef. Take screen shots and rename. Then add your stuff to the wiki page.

Wednesday -Continue working on Image Chef and explore Big Huge Labs. Add some big huge lab screen shots to the BHL wiki page. Make sure you rename your screen shots.

Thursday - More cool things to do with photos

  • Be Funky - Photo effects with one click. Turn your photos into works of art.
  • Dumpr - create marvellous photos to share with your friends.
  • Photoshow - "turns photos into musical slideshows" - wide range of elegant templates, add captions, optional video effects (film grain, etc). Audio only from music library on site.

Friday - Introduction to Xtranormal

Watch the video examples:
  • The characters in this video speak in two different languages.
  • Check out the many different camera angles in this video.
  • This is an instructional video that talks about legal issues.
  • Do you know the distributive property? This video talks you through the process.
  • PC vs. Mac. This video shows you which one is right choice.
  • Mrs. Szanto's first video.

Go to Xtranormal and sign up for an account.

Create a 2 minute "Fun" video. Include the following:
  • At least 20 animations.
  • At least 10 expressions.
  • At least 10 looks.
  • At least 10 points.
  • A few pauses.
  • 10 or more sounds.

Choose your actors. Choose one or two characters.
Choose your set.
Write your scripts.
Direct the action with the action icons.
Save regularly.

When finished, publish and post link here.