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Monday - Complete Copyright Activity by sharing presentations with the class.

Take the Copyright Quiz here and print/show your score to Mrs. Szanto.

Tuesday-Friday - Bullying Videos - We will be creating bullying videos to demonstrate the following topics. These videos will be used in AP. You will need to develop a plan and present it to Mrs. Szanto before taping begins. This assignment needs to be handled in a mature and responsible manner. I will have 2 video cameras for your use.

Choose a partner and one of the following topics.

What is bullying? - Ismael
Where does bullying occur? - Adam/Ryan
What does bullying look like? - Taylor/Landon
Cyber bullying - Ben/Alexis
Cell phone bullying - Stephanie/Robbyn & Angie/Jessica
Group bullying - Paul/Kuter
Individual bullying - Rosa/Ashley

Research your topic and create a storyboard/plan for your video. Share you plan with Mrs. Szanto. Shoot and create your video.

Deadline: Monday at the end of class.