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Oct 10 & 13 - Friday and Monday - A Whole New Mind

Listen to Daniel Pink speech about "A Whole New Mind" and the abilities necessary to think in the 21st Century.

Post to blog.

Begin Flat Classroom Wiki editing in earnest.
  • Explore your wiki page and the parts of the wiki you must develop.
  • Post to the wiki discussion.
  • Look at the history of your wiki. Your grade for this part of the project will be based on your edits.

Continue to communicate through the ning. Make sure you have joined the group for your part of the project.

Oct 14 & 15 - Tuesday and Wednesday

Watch Thomas Friedman and "The Other Side of Outsourcing."

Continue Flat Classroom Wiki editing.

Share educational videos.

Oct 16 and 20 - Thursday and Monday - Flat Classroom Wiki Editing

Major wiki editing. Add a picture and begin writing content. Do research and continue discussion on the discussion tab.