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Monday - Complete Bullying Video -

Slow motion add-on to iMovie 8. Try it!

Making your clip black & white.

Upload to Bullying Page.

Share in class.

Tuesday - Creative Commons -

Creative Commons Discussion - Discuss the following videos, etc on the google doc .

Watch Creative Commons Video - Sharing Creative Works
Understanding Creative Commons

Visit Flickr and find some photos with creative commons licenses. How many different types of licenses could you find?

Create a Flickr account and upload at least one photo. Tag it with an appropriate creative commons license. Send the link to the photo to Mrs. Szanto.

Wednesday - Creative Commons

Ted Talks - Lessig talks about "How creativity is being strangled by Law"

Read Understanding Copyright, Fair use and Creative Commons Comic Book

Watch video:

Thursday - My Life in 6 words

21st Century Skills For A Lifetime
Life in 6 Words
Don't Let Anyone Rain On Your Parade

Create a 6-word memoir with a picture and music to help tell your story. What program will you use? iMovie? iPhoto? Word? Garageband? There are many possibilities. Your music clip can be no longer than 30 seconds. Be creative! Be prepared to present to the class during the next class period.

When you have created your picture and memoir, create a slide in the shared Google Presentation for your class. Be prepared to present to the class during the next class period.

My Life in 6 Words