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Monday - Create a Voki - **Get a Voki now!**

Get a Voki now!

Create a voki that looks like you. Record your own voice telling us who you are and what you want to do when you graduate. What are your plans? Post your Voki on the Avatars page.

To upload your Voki:

1) From the Voki site, set your settings as follows: Size = Medium. Copy the code.
2) Go to the Avatars page and click on "Edit this page.
3) Click on the Embed Widget icon.
4) Choose Other HTML.
5) Paste code into box and click save.
6) Click save again.
7) See if your voki is on the page.

Tuesday - SumoPaint - Upload an original photo that you took and create cool effects. Take a screen shot of your before and after photo, rename them and upload to the SumoPaint page.
  • To take a screen shot, use shift, command (apple), 4 and drag over the picture. When you let go, your picture will show up on the desktop as pic1.
  • To rename the photo, click on the name and rename it with your initialsbefore or initialsafter. Ex: tsbefore
  • To upload edit the wiki, click on the insert images and files button and add your photos. Add your name under your photos.

Wednesday -JamGlue

Thursday - Glogster

Glogster Introduction: Glogster is site where you can create a "poster" that includes video, music, pictures, slide shows, and information.

Glogster examples:

Sonny & Cher - Check out the movies, photo slide shows, etc
Robots - pretty cool technology with several embedded videos
Chase's Glog - Nice use of pictures, music, video, and links
Boston Tea Party - Cool educational Glog
Create an account at Glogster.
Create a page at Glogster about where you are planning to attend college. Do a little research on your school and "sell" it to us.

  • Include information, pictures, websites (links), a slide show, video, your planned major, etc.
  • Upload your Glog link to the 2010Glogster page on the wiki.

Friday - No School - PT Conferences

Monday - Comic

Tuesday - XtraNormal