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Oct 6 & 7 - Monday and Tuesday - Outsourcing

Add push pins to the map for the countries and states involved in the Flat Classroom Project.

Watch these 2 videos as a class.

ABC News Report on Outsourcing (Video)
ABC News Report on Outsourcing Part 2 (Video)

Post to the blog, answering this question, "How does outsourcing effect me and my future?"

Who better to create understanding about globalization than Thomas Friedman and his book The World is Flat. Interesting "stuff" about this world and this history of where we are and how we got here....the technology that is. The global economy is all around us. Read and explore these articles:

A Whole New Mind for a Flat World??
What does THAT mean??
Are you sure about that??
Could it be so? Future graduates will need skills beyond those that used to be sufficient??
Hmm..... What should you be teaching yourself that they didn't teach you in school?

Continue to explore the Flat Classroom ning and make contact with people in your group.

Sign up for trip to Qatar if interested.

Oct 8 & 9 - Wednesday and Thursday - Flat Classroom

Watch video - Thomas Friedman and "The World is Flat" - at MIT


The Right Stuff - Part 2 - Ch 7 - 7:27.03

Continue to work on Flat Classroom ning.

Oct 10 & 13 - Friday and Monday - A Whole New Mind

Listen to Daniel Pink speech about "A Whole New Mind" and the abilities necessary to think in the 21st Century.

Post to blog.

Oct 14 & 15 - Tuesday and Wednesday

Watch Thomas Friedman and "The Other Side of Outsourcing."

Begin Flat Classroom Wiki editing.