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View My first iMovie 08 video.

Task #1: Create a "practice" iMovie.

1. Open iMovie and take some video of you and anyone you can convince to be in your video using your built-in camera on your computer. Add it to the project by selecting it and dragging to the top window.
2. Add some photos from iPhoto using the photo button on the left side of iMovie. Again drag and drop.
3. Arrange your photos and video clips the way you want them.
4. Add a title to the first photo or clip by dragging and dropping the title onto the first picture. The title icon is near the iPhoto icon.
5. Add some music using the music button.
6. Record your voice onto a clip or picture describing it.
7. Add transitions.

You can figure this all out by trial and error and working together, or you can go to the tutorials. Apple's Tutorials

This movie does not have to make sense. You are just practicing using the elements of iMovie.

  • Get your music here!
  1. Freeplay offers free music you can use in your multimedia projects: Freeplay Music
  2. gcast.com offers royalty free music you can use in your podcasts and multimedia projects.

Task #2: Save your Movie in Quicktime Format:

When your movie is complete save it as a quicktime movie.
1. Go to "Share".
2. Export using Quicktime.
3. Save in your "Movies" folder.

Task #3:
Make sure you have invited all 21 people to your voicethread (including Mrs. Stoffel and Mrs. Szanto) using the g-mail adresses . Finish commenting on all the voicethreads that you have been invited to using audio comments. You should comment on 18 voicethreads. (Comment on every voicethread but your own.) Extra credit for anyone who gets someone outside of the class to comment on their voicethread by issuing them an invite.

Tuesday -iMovie

Share your iMovies on the projector

Wednesday/Thursday - Storyboarding

Storyboarding Video and introduction - “Lord of the Rings”

View: - Flickr Stories You Can Show in School

Is there a story here?

5 Photo Story
  • Plan and Storyboard your 5 picture story.
  • Take the 5 pictures by Friday.

Friday- Finish 5 Photo Story and Post to wiki.

Task 1:

  • Create your own 5 Picture Story.
  • Download 5 photos to iPhoto for 5 photo story.
  • Create a movie in iMovie with no music.
  • Save your movie in Quicktime format by going to "Share."
  • Post your 5 Photo Story movie to the wiki page.
    • Only one person can edit the wiki at a time.
    • Go to the wiki page.
    • Click on "edit this page".
    • Click on the "Insert Images and Files Button" Picture_4.png
    • A pop-up window will appear. Click on the "Upload Files" tab.
    • Click on "Click here to use our single file upload tool".
    • Click "Browse" and find the file you want to upload. Click "Upload" when you have found the movie. (Remember your movies save into your movies folder.)
    • Once the files uploads, it will appear on the pop-up window. Double click the file to place it into the wiki.
    • Add your name underneath and click "Save".
  • Be ready to share photo story on Tuesday.

Task 2: Start thinking about an idea for iMovie project. Add your idea for your movie to the google doc. You'll need to click on the 2nd page of the spreadsheet called iMovie Ideas at the bottom of the google doc page. Your idea needs to be either something tied to one of your classes or educational in nature. It could be a video that teaches how to do something. Be as creative as you wish! Have this posted by Monday.