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Monday, Sept 15 -

Task #3:
Check out some example videos at the apple student gallery. Click on movies and animations. Look for videos that were made with iMovie.

Watch these:
Can't Stop the Fire
Remixing Canadian History
Holton HS videos

Task #4: Add your idea for your movie to the google doc. You'll need to click on the 2nd page of the spreadsheet called iMovie Ideas at the bottom of the google doc page. Your idea needs to be either something tied to one of your classes, or educational in some way. It could be a video that teaches how to do something. Be as creative as you wish! Have this posted by Monday.

Task #5: If you have not posted to the blog about the 3 photo applications we learned, please post before Monday.

Tuesday, Sept 16 & Wednesday, Sept 17 - Storyboarding
Storyboard project – “Lord of the Rings”

Show - Flickr Stories You Can Show in School

Is there a story here?
5 Photo Story
  • Plan and Storyboard your 5 picture story.
  • Take the 5 pictures and create your own 5 Picture Story.
  • Download 5 photos to iPhoto for 5 photo story.
  • Organize them into a folder called 5 photo story.
  • Create a slideshow in iPhoto or a movie in iMovie with no music.
  • Be ready to share photo story with class next time we meet.

Thursday, Sept 18 & Friday, Sept 19 - iMovie Creation

iMovie 08 help: http://imovie08.blogspot.com/2007/10/what-every-imovie-hd-user-should-know.html

Submitting Photos to Flickr and the group "Stories You Can Tell In School."
  • Create a folder on your desktop called 5photos and drag photos to it.
  • Create a Flickr Account.
  • Upload photos to Flickr from the folder on your desktop.
  • Delete folder on desktop.
  • Join the group " Stories You Can Tell in School."
  • Read and follow the directions on the page to submit your story. (Basic directions follow. More detailed directions on site.)
How to Submit a Story
  1. Post a new topic. The topic will be the title of your story, for instance, "Empty Cat Bed"
  2. Enter your photographs in a numerical sequence up to five (5).
  3. In "Your photos," choose the photo you want to post.
  4. Select "all sizes," then select a thumbnail or small size image.
  5. Copy and paste the HTML into your post. Repeat for each photograph to create the sequence required for your story.
Share photo stories on Flickr.

Begin storyboard for Educational iMovie and begin shooting movie and creating.