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Friday & Monday - Sept 19 & 22 - iMovie creation

Watch these:
Can't Stop the Fire
Remixing Canadian History
Holton HS videos

Check out some example videos at the apple student gallery. Click on movies and animations. Look for videos that were made with iMovie.

Storyboard should be complete. Some video should be taken. You can shoot more video at school today.

Tuesday & Wednesday, Sept 23 & 24 - iMovie creation

Check out this contest: http://www.thejournal.com/articles/23272/

Thursday & Friday, Sept 25 & 26 - iMovie sharing & Introduction to Flat Classroom Project

Flat Classroom Wiki - Read the intro to the project and what we will be doing. Check out the student links on the side.

Read "Sharing Personal Information" from the wiki.

We are still in our 'handshake' period before the project starts for real therefore here is juts a reminder of what is expected of the STUDENTS:

Show your video to the class and upload to one of the following: website, ipod, youtube, teacher tube, next vista, facebook, or other.