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Monday, Sept 29 - No School - Teacher Professional Day

Tuesday, Sept 30 and Wednesday, Oct 1 - Flat Classroom Project -

Do not use your last name or age on anything for this project, including the video!

(Your e-mail can include your last name.)

1. Request to join the Flat Classroom Project wiki.
2. Create a short video introducing yourself and upload to the ning.
3. Join the GHS group and the FlatClassroom group on the ning.
4. Explore the ning - look at other students' ning pages, photos, videos, etc.
5. Communicate with 5-10 other students in the group who are not from GHS.
6. Work on educational Video.

Thursday, Oct 2 and Friday Oct 3 - Flat Classroom Project

Discuss the project and join groups.

Introduction to Friedman's The World is Flat. Listen, discuss and post to blog.

Review the wiki project group information.

Introduction to Pink's A Whole New Mind. Listen, discuss and post to blog.