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Greg Farris-Beyoncé - Single Ladies SPOOF (Barack Obama)
Heather West-Kid Gets Owned by His Dad
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Brad Geist Invisible Drum Kit
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Saundra Redlin- Photo Booth Prank
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Dallas Price-- Amish Paradice
Patrick Heiter--Funny Animation
BreAnna Nemechek--Funny Photo Booth with Jay Leno
Tanner Oharah- funny prank
Bryan Gray -- Out Cold
Julica Bonsall- Chesse
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Mrs. Gray - Inspirational Speech by Dr. Randy Pausch On the Oprah Winfrey Show: The Last Lecture.
Greg Farris-Pres. Obama: Incredible Speech!

Heather West-Inspirational Quotes
Patrick Heiter- The Don't Quit Poem
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Brad Geist Where the He** is Matt?
Travis Angelos Keanu's Eulogy on Hardball
Brandon Rome Godfather
Dallas Price- Imagine- John Lennon
Shonna Webster Gazelle Outsmarts a cheetah and hyena
Shelbi Hall Inspirational quotes
Saundra Redlin- Nick Vujicic's
STARLA KEAR inspirational speech
BreAnna Nemechek--Stacy Westfall
Bryan Gray -- Let It Be
Tanner Oharah -Deaf girl learns to play violin
Julica- Quotes
Brooke Lennington-Inspirational movie Speeches

Greg Farris-How to Tie a Tie - Expert Instructions on How to Tie a Tie
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Brad Geist How to Pray the Rosary
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Dallas Price Flying Armbar
Shonna Webster How to fold a t-shirt in 2 seconds
Shelbi Hall How to Do a Baby Freeze Break Dance
Saundra Redlin- Swing Aerials 2- Trailor
STARLA KEAR how to fly a kite with NO wind
Patrick Heiter--How To Make:Newspapaer Smoke Bomb
BreAnna Nemechek--How to play Clocks by Coldplay
Bryan Gray -- Rock Crawling
Tanner Oharah - Air Guitar Lessons
Brooke Lennington- Interview Questions