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Monday - No School - Teacher Professional Day

Tuesday/Wednesday -
Cool Iris is so cool! and Are you aware of the capabilities of Firefox?

Cool Irisand Discover Cool Iris
  • Find at least 5 things you want to share.
  • Share with the people at your table.

Firefox Add-Ons

  • Find at least 5 add-ons you might like to use.
  • Download them and restart Firefox.
  • Share your add-ons with the class.

Thursday/Friday - Sign up to Create your own Video Game and Write your own Comic Strip and 10 Really Awesome Interactive Websites


Create a comic and share: http://makebeliefscomix.com/Comix/

Explore and share what you learn: http://www.webupon.com/Web-Talk/Wow-10-Awesome-Interactive-Websites.144563