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Web 2.0 is a term for any information sharing, user driven systems. These can range from things such as wikis, to social networking site such as Facebook.
Even this wiki is a form of Web 2.0. Google docs are a great example of this. [1]

With the exponential growth of consumption of media from three cable TV station, to hundreds of satellite channels, to online shows consumed anytime, anywhere. This trend is now to the point the next step would be a virtual coffee house, where people can gather and watch the same program and share favorite memories, shows, situations and other material. This oasis is the next growth in web 2.0.[2]

Though many people do not know what RSS or other Web 2.0 terms are they know what they are, through social networking sites such as Facebook. Facebook is one of the best ways to teach people new tech terms associated with Web 2.0. People see all these different things being used in such a way they learn how to use them not as a task, but in such a way it is seen as fun. Facebook is one of the biggest Web 2.0 instruments to date.[3]

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