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Cell Phones in Education

Is this the norm?

1. Discuss student cell phone use

  • What do you think about cell phones in schools?
  • At what age is is appropriate for kids to have a cell phone?
  • How much to you use your cell phone on a daily basis?
  • What feature do you use most on your phone?

2. Share and discuss articles about cell phone use - Respond on Google Doc

Black Day Google Doc on Cellphones
Gold Day Google Doc on Cellphones

Teenager Sends Over 14,000 Text Messages in One Month by Dan Reilly, posted Jan 13th 2009 at 10:14AM

Misuse of Cell Phones Causing Problems by Pamela Schehl, posted Aug 6, 2005

Students Warned of Misuse of Cell Phones by Ryan Leckey, posted Nov 12, 2008

3. Should Cell Phones be used in Education?

Brainstorm ideas for use on the google doc

4. Sign up for this project - Film on the Fly

5. Can you?

  • Take a picture on your phone and e-mail to your gmail account.
  • Take a picture on your phone and bluetooth it to your computer.
  • Take video on your phone and get it to your computer.
  • Create a voice recording on your phone and send it to your computer.

6. If you can - do it.

6 1/2. Check out the KSTL competition and decide if you want to enter.

7. Project - Using only your cell phone - create a "What in the World" story. Think of a theme. Take pictures of items in your theme so they are not recognizable (Close-up pics). Put your pictures in iPhoto, create a slideshow with music to share at 9:15. You only have today to do it. Ready, set, go....

8. Poll everywhere - Text your answer to the question to 99503. If you do not have texting - click here to vote. Create your own account and set up a poll for the class to take.

9. Gcast - Create an account and create podcasts about 10 of the web 2.0 applications. Post them to the wiki.

10. Web 2.0 - http://www.go2web20.net/