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Mobile and Ubiquitous is about connecting the world through mobile and wireless devices such as cellphones and laptops

The information that is given here is all opinions about what cell phones will be like in 2015. They talk about how our lives will totally revolve around cell phones that can connect to the internet everywhere for cheap, cool apps and better entertainment. So they are saying cell phones will be exactly as good a laptops are.
Communication has grown significantly over the past decades. The world was once unable to carry on conversation using voice telephones. Now we are able to communicate to every part of the earth and beyond
Apple has created a new type of computer called the Ipad. It is pretty much an Iphone/Ipod Touch that is 9.5in by 7.5in that can surf the web, watch videos, download apps and many other capabilities. Though not available in stores yet, it should be another great product and produce great revanue for Apple.
Droid, one of the hottest phones to get since the iphone. Verizon's new phone is similar to the iphone but with different features and apps. Verizon also says "Droid isn't another smart phone, its a Droid, and it does it...". With the Droid and Iphone being some of the most popular phones could start a new era for cell phones.
Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is used as a short-range communications technology intended to replace the cables connecting portable and fixed devices while maintaining high levels of security. Some devices can reach up to 600ft. The key features of Bluetooth technology are robustness, low power, and low cost. The devices can be installed in anything from computers, cell phones and even printers. The Bluetooth specification defines a uniform structure for a wide range of devices to connect and communicate with each other.
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